Healing: After Abortion

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H3LPLINE: Natnl After Abortion Helpline & Support 

Call or Text  (866) 721-7881

Silent No More

Few people anticipate the pain and trauma that can follow an abortion. The physical and emotional stresses may be devastating and often surface months or even years afterward.  For those who seek healing, we offer The Abortion Recovery group, a compassionate, confidential, and safe place for both women and men to find hope and help as they work through the emotional wounds of abortion.  

“Forgiven and Set Free” with LIFE CHOICES-San Antonio

After an abortion, many women experience post-abortion trauma.  We offer an Abortion Recovery Bible Study entitled “Forgiven and Set Free.” 

  • Call: (210) 543-7200


Catholic Charities: GRACE Counseling – San Antonio


Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, hang-ups, and habits of any kind.  Celebrate recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our lives.

Project Rachel

Experienced therapists help anyone struggling with mental health in a comfortable and safe environment without judgment.


Rachel’s Vineyard


Rachel’s Journey – New Braunfels

Men grieve too, and when both men and women attend the same retreat, both can heal wounds of abortion, mistrust, and suffering. Courage, understanding, and reconciliation are found through the mutual journey of grief into healing.


A life-changing opportunity for men who struggle with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion. This retreat is a unique and effective process designed specifically to help men experience the mercy and compassion of God.


The mission of Care Net’s Abortion Recovery and Care (ARC) program is to lead the way in abortion recovery through resources and programs that connect, equip, and support those seeking healing for themselves and/or providing for others. Healing from the pain of abortion is a journey. Whether you had an abortion last week, or 40 years ago, we're here to help.


Healing: After Miscarriage

Gods Comfort Miscarriage

God's Comfort

A group of mothers who have had miscarriages, and our hope is to provide grieving parents the opportunity for healing through comfort care packages, a monthly support group, one on one conversation with spiritual support, referrals, resources and more. Please visit our website to request a care package to be delivered or mailed to you directly or to receive any of our other services.  


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